how to block discord on computer

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Click App Blocking. Click Add and add the Discord app to the list. Choose BLOCK for Discord to block it completely.

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  • How do I block discord on my child鈥檚 computer?

  • To block Discord in the browser, navigate back to the child鈥檚 account settings, then click 鈥樷€橣ilters鈥欌€?on Google Chrome. Click 鈥樷€橫anage sites鈥欌€? then 鈥樷€橞locked鈥欌€? Click the plus icon at the bottom of your screen and paste the Discord URL to the text input box, then close the window.

  • How to block discord on a Chromebook?

  • You can block Discord on a Chromebook just like any other app with the help of parental control. To do that, follow the steps below: Create a separate account for your child. First, sign out of your account. At the bottom of the sign-in page, click 鈥樷€橝dd person鈥欌€?

  • How do I block discord on my phone?

  • Download and open the Orbi app on your phone and tap 鈥樷€橮arental Controls.鈥欌€?Select a profile, then tap 鈥樷€橦istory.鈥欌€?Find the Discord site and swipe from the left to the right to block it. Select the 鈥樷€橲et as Filtered鈥欌€?option to completely block Discord.

  • Is there a way to block discord with OpenDNS?

  • It could be that the discord app doesn鈥檛 make use of DNS, but uses IP addressing, so you cannot block it with OpenDNS. But these are things which can merely be answered in other forums or with an internet search. For example, you could block their IP addresses, protocols and port numbers on the router.

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