how to add songs from your computer to itunes

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  • How to add music to iTunes from audio CDs?

  • Here鈥檚 how to add music to iTunes from audio CDs. Step 1. Download and launch iTunes. Step 2. Put a CD into the computer’s CD drive. Step 3. Select No to choose part of the music files or Yes to choose all music files of the CD. Step 4. Click Import CD to add music to iTunes. iTunes can be taken as a free audio converter.

  • Can I put music from my computer on iTunes?

  • Music that is already on your computer, whether downloaded from the Internet or ripped from a CD, can be used in iTunes. It is easy to put all of your music in one place or to prepare for downloading into an MP3 player. How to Add Songs From a Computer to iTunes.

  • How do I copy songs from a folder to iTunes?

  • Here’s how to copy songs from a music folder on your computer to iTunes: Open the iTunes application. Select File from the toolbar. A drop down menu will appear. Choose Add to Library (Mac), or either Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library (Windows) Navigate to the appropriate folder.

  • How do I add a song to my Apple Music Library?

  • Search the Apple Music catalog: Click in the search field in the top-right corner of the iTunes window, enter a word or phrase, then click All Apple Music. Move the pointer over an item, then click the Add button . Move the pointer over an item (such as a song or album), click the More button , then choose Add to Library.

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