how much do computer techs make

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$17.26 an hour

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  • How much do computer hardware technicians make?

  • According to ZipRecruiter, a Hardware Technician鈥檚 salary on average about $33,000 per year. It ranges from $29,000 鈥?$36,000 depending on factors such as work experience, skills, and organization size. Glassdoor cites an average Computer Hardware Technician salary of $34,894.

  • What are the working hours of a computer technician?

  • Depending on the job, a computer technician may have regular daytime hours, or be available to work evenings, nights, weekends and holidays as required. As with most jobs, there are a number of factors affecting pay.

  • What is the average salary of a computer engineer?

  • The BLS reports that those who worked in computer-related occupations earned a median salary of $82,860 in 2016.

  • Is computer technician a good career for You?

  • Computer technicians are part of a growing field that is in demand and continues to grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that computer support specialists should see a job growth of 17 percent from 2015-2025.

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