how does a computer process data

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  • How does a computer process data before it is used?

  • Before data is processed by a computer, it has to be fed into the computer using a keyboard, mouse or another input device. The central processing unit (CPU) analyzes the raw data and processes it into sensible information. The CPU receives instructions from the user and issues prompts accordingly.

  • What is electronic data processing?

  • Electronic Data Processing Electronic data processing or EDP is the modern technique to process data. The data is processed through computer; Data and set of instructions are given to the computer as input and the computer automatically processes the data according to the given set of instructions.

  • What is an example of data being processed into information?

  • As a real-life example of data being processed into information, imagine the following scenario. You open a spreadsheet program on your computer and enter the data 1.25 into the first cell. Initially, the computer understands this data only as the floating point number 1.25. Using the spreadsheet program, you can specify …

  • How does a computer work?

  • A computer uses a Central Processing Unit or CPU to do all its decision-making and data processing. The CPU has an internal set of instructions it follows when it receives a command. Programmers use different languages to give the CPU commands. These languages are more human readable than the CPU’s machine language.

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