how do you fix a dell computer

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  • How do I repair my Dell Inspiron laptop?

  • You can do this by tapping rapidly on the F12 key at the Dell Splash screen when the system starts up and choose the CD/DVD drive from the Boot Once Menu that appears. You can tap rapidly on the F8 key when the System starts up and select the repair your computer. Go to step 5 if this works. (Use the arrow keys to highlight your choice.)

  • What to do if your Dell Computer is broken?

  • Keep your gear running longer and let Dell fix your Dell PC. Whether your computer is broken or just slowing down, don鈥檛 worry. Dell also offers help with common software issues, virus removal, computer setups, and critical system updates.

  • How do I wipe a Dell laptop and reinstall Windows 7?

  • How would I wipe a Dell laptop running Windows 7? To wipe and factory reset your Windows 7 Dell laptop, boot up the device and go to Control Panel System and Security System. Select System Protection System Restore. Choose Recommended Restore to opt for the most recent restore point, then select Next Finish.

  • How to fix Dell laptop won鈥檛 turn on?

  • Turn on the Dell computer. At the Dell logo screen, press F12 key several times to enter One-time Boot Menu. Use the arrow keys to select Diagnostics and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Follow the on-screen prompts and respond appropriately to complete the diagnostics. If the test passes, the hardware devices are working correctly.

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