how do you drag a window on your computer desktop

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  • How do I move the window on my computer?

  • To move the window, first click and hold the left mouse button down at the top. While continuing to hold down the mouse button, move the window to where you want it to be positioned.

  • How do I drag and drop windows between virtual desktops?

  • Using your mouse or a touchscreen, you can easily drag windows between virtual desktops using the Task View sceen. To open 鈥淭ask View,鈥?click the 鈥淭ask View鈥?button on your taskbar or press Windows+Tab. (If you don鈥檛 see a 鈥淭ask View鈥?button on the taskbar, right-click the taskbar and select 鈥淪how Task View button.鈥?

  • How do I drag and drop files in Windows 10?

  • Selecting Files for Drag and Drop Notice if your files are not located consecutively in a folder. Open your two folder windows and place them side-by-side. Go to the folder containing the files you want to transfer. Click the first file that you want to move and release the mouse button.

  • How do I make a window appear on all virtual desktops?

  • After that, the window will appear on the virtual desktop you selected. You can also make the window appear on all virtual desktops at once if you right click on its thumbnail in Task View and select 鈥淪how this window on all desktops.鈥?Very handy!

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