how do i view heic pictures on my computer

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Head to the CopyTrans HEIC for Windows site and download and install the tool on your computer. Right-click on one of your HEICphotosand select Properties. Make sure you鈥檙e in the General tab, then click Change. Select Windows Photo Vieweras the default tool to open your HEICphotos.

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  • How to view HEIC photos on Windows 10?

  • To convert and view the HEIC photos on Windows, go to the Photos tab. Then select the photos and click Export to PC. This process will help you convert the HEIC photos into .jpg files so that you can view them on your PC. By following this technique, you would convert your HEIC photos and view them without using any third-party HEIC file viewer.

  • How do I open HEIC files?

  • You can now open HEIC files like any other image鈥攋ust double-click them and they鈥檒l open in the Photos app. Windows will also show thumbnails of HEIC images in File Explorer. RELATED: What is the HEIF (or HEIC) Image Format? Rather than messing with conversion tools, we recommend you just download and install CopyTrans HEIC for Windows.

  • How to import HEIC photos from iPhone to Windows?

  • If you have already saved your photos in the HEIC format, you can take Dr.Fone’s assistance to convert them automatically. Use Dr.Fone (Phone Manager iOS) to move your photos from iPhone to Windows (or Mac) and vice-versa. Without downloading any third-party HEIC file viewer, you would be able to access your photos on your system.

  • What is an HEIC photo format?

  • Photos with an .heic are compressed via HEVC, a high-efficiency video codec. Apple users can benefit a lot from this format, as it can: Store multiple photos in one file. Create about half the size of JPG for the same quality.

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