how do i unfreeze my computer

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  • What to do if your computer freezes when closing a program?

  • Note: You will lose unsaved work in the forced closed program. 1) On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete together and then click the Power icon. If your cursor doesn鈥檛 work, you can press the Tab key to jump to the Power button and press the Enter key to open the menu. 2) Click Restart to restart your frozen computer.

  • How to unfreeze your computer when it鈥檚 Locked Up?

  • How to Unfreeze Your Computer When It鈥檚 Locked Up. 1 1. Kill programs in Task Manager. More often than not, the reason that a computer freezes is due to a crashed program. Fortunately, Windows 10 allows … 2 2. Check browser extensions. 3 1. Use System Restore feature. 4 2. Reinstall recent drivers. 5 3. Scan for malware. More items

  • How do I unfreeze my computer if my graphics card is frozen?

  • If none of the previous steps work, press Windows+Ctrl+Shift+B on your keyboard. This is a hidden hotkey combination that restarts your PC鈥檚 graphics drivers. If they are the source of the problem, this might unfreeze your system.

  • How do I reboot a frozen computer?

  • To reboot a frozen computer, press and hold down the power button until the computer turns off. Once the computer is off, wait a few seconds, then turn the computer back on and let it start as normal. Note. During the computer startup process, you may see a screen asking if you want to start the computer in Safe Mode or Start Windows Normally.

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