how do i synch my phone to my computer

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  • How do I Sync my Android phone to my computer?

  • Follow these step-by-step instructions to synch an Android phone to a computer. Step 1: Take your phone and plug one end of the USB cable into the USB slot and the other end into your computer. Step 2: Your computer will recognise the device and ask you what you want to do.

  • How do I link my Windows 10 phone to my PC?

  • Windows 10 phones are linked to your PC through your Microsoft account. Here’s how to sign in on your phone: In the App list, tap Settings Accounts Email app accounts.

  • How do I transfer files from my phone to my computer?

  • If you have a USB cable, you can easily connect your phone or tablet to your computer and transfer files between devices. If you’d rather connect wirelessly, you can use an app called AirDroid that lets you share files without pesky cables.

  • Can I sync two cell phones to a PC at once?

  • Tips You can sync two or more cell phones to a PC at the same time, provided that you have sufficient USB ports to connect the phones to. You can only sync two phones with each other using Bluetooth connections.

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