how do i save my contacts to my computer

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  • How to save contacts from Hotmail to computer?

  • To save the contacts on your computer, follow these steps: 1. Log into your Windows Live account on 2. Go into the hotmail menu and select contacts 3. Click on manage and then on export 4. Now you should be able to export and save your contacts in a file on your computer

  • How do I save contacts to my Device?

  • How do I save my contacts to my device? Saving contacts to your device allows new calls and text messages to be linked with your existing Outlook contacts. You can also see their contact information in your device’s Contacts app. Saved contacts will be added under the contacts in your iCloud account.

  • How do I transfer my contacts from one computer to another?

  • THIS STEP IS KEY especially if you’re borrowing a friend’s computer: In the Select folder to export from box, scroll to the top if needed and select the Contacts folder that’s under your account. Choose Next. Choose Browse, name your file, and choose OK. Confirm where your new contacts file will be saved on your computer, and choose Next.

  • How to export contacts from iPhone to computer?

  • Let’s see how to export contacts to computer… Open TouchCopy. Connect your iPhone with USB or Wi-Fi. Click Contacts to view your iPhone Contacts. Hit Copy as vCard (PC) or Copy to Mac (Mac).

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