how do i reset my whole computer

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How to Reset My ComputerBack up and save all important documents and files to an external disk, flash…Restart your PC, then watch your computer screen to identify the command that…Press the key that opens the Advanced Boot Options or Recovery menu.Select the option to Reset or Restore your computer. This option may be…See More….

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  • How do I factory reset a Windows computer?

  • This is also included in Windows 10 and is the best way to factory reset a Windows computer in most cases. To access this Windows reinstall option, head to Settings Update Security Recovery. You’ll see a Reset this PC header; click the Get started button underneath this to begin. Keep Your Files or Remove Everything?

  • How do I Reset my Computer to default?

  • Windows will guide you through the entire process for resetting your PC and reinstalling Windows. Press the key that opens the Advanced Boot Options or Recovery menu. Select the option to 鈥淩eset鈥?or 鈥淩estore鈥?your computer. This option may be labeled differently on your Windows 7 and Windows Vista PC depending on its model and manufacturer.

  • What is reset this PC in Windows 10?

  • Reset This PC is a recovery feature available in Windows 10 that lets you reinstall Windows again from scratch with just a few taps or clicks, much like a factory reset or restore but no install disc or flash drive is needed . You even have the option of keeping or removing your personal files in the process!

  • How do I restart my computer?

  • The screens look different depending on which version of Windows you’re using, but each of them gives the option to restart the computer: Windows 11, 10, and 8: Choose the power icon on the bottom right of the screen to find the Restart option.

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