how do i put ipod music on my computer

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Launch MediaMonkey on your computer after you downloaded and installed it. From the main interface, choose File Add/Rescan Tracks to the Library. Browse your computer to find the music you want and click OK to add these music files to the library. Plug your iPod into the computer via aUSB cable.

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  • How to transfer music from iPod to computer?

  • To learn how to transfer music from iPod to computer in Windows 10 or Mac, follow these steps: At first, just connect your iPod to your computer using a working cable and launch iTunes on it. If you have an iPod Touch, then you will get a security prompt on the screen.

  • How do I Sync my iPod to my computer?

  • Step 1. Launch iTunes and use a lightning cable to plug your iPod to your computer. Step 2. Click the iPod device icon that lies on the upper left in iTunes. Step 3. Go to Settings on the left and click on Music Step 4. Select the checkbox next to Sync Music.

  • How to find iPod music folder on Windows 10?

  • To find the iPod folder in the Windows file browser, and on the top click View Check the box of Hidden items. After that, double-click on iPod _Control folder and then Music Step 3.

  • How do I put music on my iPod Classic?

  • How to Put Music on an iPod Classic, Mini, Nano, and Shuffle Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer and have added music to your iTunes library. You can get music by ripping songs from CDs, downloading it from the internet, and buying it at online stores like the iTunes Store, among other means.

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