how do i download pictures on my computer

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Selecting photos/videos using Google Photos and downloading to your computer is easy and effective. Select by clicking on the first photo,then shift-click on the last in a group. Click the 3-dot menu and choose Download all.

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  • How do I download images from the Internet?

  • Open a Web browser. Find an image to download. Do so by browsing or running a search for a specific image. In Google Web Search, click Images at the top of the window to see the images associated with your search.

  • How do I save a photo to my computer?

  • Hover the mouse cursor over the photo and select Download or the download icon (typically looks like an arrow pointing down), then select where you want to save the photo on the computer. This is the same whether you use a Mac or a PC.

  • How do I import photos from my phone to my computer?

  • You can also swipe down on or click each photo and video you want to import, or tap or click Select all. Tap or click Import. To fix the issue that occurs while opening the pictures, I suggest you to change the default program to view the picture and check.

  • How to view photos on Windows 10 without downloading?

  • Right click on the picture and click on Open With. Choose a program/app from the list and check if it works fine. If you are able to open it, then make it as the default program/app to view the pictures. Press Windows key+ I, click on System and select Default Apps. Click on the app under Photo viewer and choose the default app.

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