how do i download my samsung cloud to my computer

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It鈥檚 easy to do so: Open SamsungCloudand tap the Three Dots menu at the top-right. Select DownloadMy Data from the drop-down menu.

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  • How do I access my Samsung cloud data on a PC?

  • Tap More options (the three vertical dots) in the top right corner, then tap Settings. Next, tap the switch next to Show Samsung Cloud icon. You can access your Cloud data on a PC using almost any web browser, but we recommend using the Chrome browser for the best results.

  • How do I download photos from the cloud to my Samsung?

  • Open the Samsung Cloud app and tap 鈥淒ownload my data.鈥?Select the files you want to download then tap 鈥淒ownload.鈥?Open the Samsung Gallery app, tap the three-dot 鈥淢ore鈥?icon, then go to Settings Download content from cloud.

  • How to install Samsung cloud on Windows 10?

  • First of all, you need to download the Samsung Gallery App from the Windows App Store. (It was once called PC Gallery, but now the name is changed.) Once you have downloaded and installed Samsung Gallery on your PC, open it. In the Settings Menu, select Samsung Cloud.

  • How do I backup and restore data from the Samsung cloud?

  • Device backups: When viewing Samsung Cloud on your phone or tablet, you will see Back up data and Restore data categories that allow you to manage and restore your backup data. If you’re accessing the Cloud on a computer, select Device Backups to view a list of devices you have backed up, as well as their last backup times.

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