how do i change the name of my computer

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  • How do I change the name of my Windows 10 computer?

  • How do I change the name of my computer? 1 Click the Start menu and select Settings. 2 Click System. 3 Scroll down and click About. 4 Click Rename PC. 5 Type your new PC name and click Next. 6 Your computer name will change when you restart your system.

  • How do I change the computer name and domain name?

  • Scroll down to the 鈥?Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings 鈥?section, click on Change settings . The System Properties screen will open with the 鈥?Computer Name 鈥?tab already selected. Click on the Change鈥?button.

  • How do I change the name of my computer in Linux?

  • In the window that opens, select the option 鈥淎dvanced system settings鈥? Now, select 鈥淐omputer name鈥?in the dialog window before selecting 鈥淐hange鈥?to rename your computer. In the 鈥淐omputer name/domain changes鈥?window, you鈥檙e now able to choose a new name for your computer or for your workgroup.

  • How to change your computer name on a Mac?

  • As a Mac user, you require administrator rights to adjust your computer name. If you have these, then you can continue as follows: Click on the Apple symbol in the top left corner, and select the option 鈥淪ystem Preferences鈥?from the drop-down menu. Open the 鈥淪haring鈥?box by clicking on it.

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