how do i add my printer to my computer

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Open the Control Panel with the printer connected and powered on.In the Control Panel,double-click the Printers or Printers and Fax icon.In the Printers window,click the Add a printer icon.After completing the above steps,see the Windows Printer Wizard. Click Next to start the wizard.Next,you have the choice of installing a Local or Network printer. If the printer connects directly to your computer,choose Local printer attached to this computer and click Next.When prompted for the printer driver location,browse to the directory of your drivers or point it to the printer CD.

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  • How do I add a printer or scanner to my computer?

  • Step 2: Access devices 1 Within the first row of your Windows settings, find and click the icon labeled 鈥淒evices鈥?2 In the left column of the Devices window, select 鈥淧rinters Scanners鈥?3 This new window brings up a page where the first option will be to 鈥淎dd Printer or Scanner鈥?/div>How to Connect a Printer to Your Computer | HP Tech Takes

  • How do I add a new printer to my printer?

  • Select View, then Print Scan. If you are prompted to do so, enter your login and password. Click and hold the + (plus sign) button. From the pop-up menu, choose Add Other Printer or Scanner. The Add Printer window will open. In the Add Printer window, click the icon that says Default. A list of printers will appear.

  • How do I connect a wireless printer to my computer?

  • If your printer connects by a wire, plug it into your device. It’ll connect automatically, your PC will download the right drivers, and you can use it right away. To connect a wireless printer, follow these steps: Select Start Settings Bluetooth devices Printers scanners . Next to Add a printer or scanner, select Add device.

  • How to install a printer in Windows 10?

  • Installing a printer only using the drivers. With the printer connected and powered on, open the Control Panel. In the Control Panel double-click the Printers or Printers and Fax icon. In the Printers window, click the Add a printer icon. After completing the above steps, you should see the Windows Printer Wizard.

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