how did wannacry infect computers

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Once the 鈥榃anna Decryptor鈥?managed to infect a single machine on a single network, WannaCry began spreading to other computers on the same network whilescanning the internet for other unpatched machines. The vulnerability exploited by EternalBlue left unpatched Windows machines open to infection and spread the WannaCry virus.

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  • How did the WannaCry ransomware attack spread?

  • From home computers, to NHS systems, news of the infection spread like that of an epidemic. Security companies originally claimed the breach was the result of a malicious spam campaign, but WannaCry was not distributed by email.

  • What is WannaCry and how does it work?

  • According to Talos, WannaCry also doesn鈥檛 really target only valuable computers such as business computers or tech giants but rather targets anything it can get its hands on, 鈥淭he file tasksche.exe checks for disk drives, including network shares and removable storage devices mapped to a letter, such as 鈥楥:/鈥? 鈥楧:/鈥?etc.

  • Who was affected by the WannaCry virus?

  • Who Was Affected by WannaCry? The scale was WannaCry was unprecedented with estimates of around 200,000 computers infected across 150 countries, with Russia, Ukraine, India and Taiwan the most affected according to Kaspersky Lab.

  • What can we learn from the WannaCry virus?

  • The case of the WannaCry spread teaches us not only about developing malware techniques, but about the need for clearer heads in times of crisis. Fake News can propagate like a virus, and misinformation can become fact when panic sets in. With WannaCry, initial reports of email worms, while based on past experience, appeared to prove inaccurate.

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