how can i use one mouse for two computers

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  • How do I use a mouse and keyboard on multiple computers?

  • Install the program on all the computers you want to use with your mouse and keyboard. (You may be asked to reboot your computer during the process.) The program will then ask you to designate the current computer as a Server (the computer with the mouse and keyboard) or a Client (the computer you need to control).

  • How do I Sync my Mouse between two devices?

  • The most immediate suggestion would be to use software to sync up your mouse between two devices. Right now, one of the most popular programs for this is called Synergy. There are pros and cons to using software like Synergy and we鈥檒l explain these below.

  • How do I Share my Mouse and keyboard with USB network gate?

  • Follow the steps below to see just how easy mouse and keyboard sharing with USB Network Gate can be! Download and install USB Network Gate on the server i.e. a computer to which your keyboard and mouse will be attached. Launch the application.

  • How to switch computers with sharemouse?

  • ShareMouse links your mouse and keyboard of all computers by using your existing network connection. You can move your mouse cursor to any monitor of any PC seamlessly. Just move the mouse cursor to the computer you wish to control. There is no manual switch to toggle or button to switch computers:

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