how can computer science change the world

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Using those tools,computer science allows us topredict hurricanes,tornadoes,or even the outbreak of a potentially fatal disease. It can even be used to predict human behavior,which can help prevent crimes. Computer science can provide us with some life-saving tools and work.

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  • How has the field of Computer Science changed over time?

  • In the foreseeable future, the field of computer science is set to change dramatically. Classical computer architecture has been around since the 1920s when large mainframe computers were programmed using punch cards and rolls of paper tape.

  • How can computer science contribute to society?

  • 鈥淪ince my first day in computer science, I’ve been trying to have a positive impact on society,鈥?says Thibault Rihet, software engineer at Trialog. Rihet explains that computer scientists can easily get into direct applications that address societal issues like poverty, unemployment, climate change and more.

  • Can computer science make the world a better place?

  • But what you don鈥檛 often hear about as often is the altruistic side of computer science and the work professionals in this field do to make the world a better place. If you鈥檙e looking to leverage your love of technology to make a difference, then rest assured.

  • How can computer scientists get involved in solving global problems?

  • Then the solutions go live nationally. This approach allows computer scientists and other technology professionals to jump in and meet needs as they arise in their communities. Sites like DataKind, Taproot and Code Alliance can be excellent resources for computer scientists who want to put their skills to work for global issues, according to Rihet.

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