don’t have itunes on my computer

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  • What do I do if I Can鈥檛 install iTunes on my PC?

  • Learn what to do if you can鈥檛 install or update iTunes on your Windows PC. If you downloaded a version of iTunes from Apple’s website, use the steps in this article. If you have Windows 10, you can also get iTunes from the Microsoft Store. If you have trouble installing iTunes from Apple’s website, download iTunes from the Microsoft Store.

  • How do I download iTunes on my computer?

  • In Windows 8 or Windows 7, the iTunes software download is available from Apple. Go to the Apple iTunes download page and select Download for the version of Windows you are using. Decide if you want to receive email newsletters from Apple and enter your email address, then click the Download Now button.

  • What happened to iTunes on Mac?

  • After decades of dragging iTunes along, Apple has finally decided to end its life. With the latest macOS Catalina update, iTunes has been split into three separate apps, each meant for one specific use. The three apps are Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV.

  • How do I install iTunes on Windows 7 or 8?

  • On Windows 7 or 8, download iTunes directly from Apple. Follow the onscreen instructions to install and configure iTunes. Apple iTunes is the best way to migrate data between your Apple devices and your Windows-based PC.

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