does router have to be connected to computer

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  • Do I need a PC to connect to a new router?

  • But, it’s mandatory to have it hooked up initially while setting up the router connection. Then you can connect any Wi-Fi enabled device to the router without your PC. Thanks! If you do connect a new router to your old modem/router, do you then have to establish a new network, or is the same network you previously used?

  • How does a router connect to the Internet?

  • Typically, a router connects physically, via a network cable, to the modem via the internet or WAN port and then physically, again via a network cable, to the network interface card in whatever wired network devices you may have. A wireless router can connect via various wireless standards to devices that also support the particular standard used.

  • Do I need drivers for my router?

  • Most routers connect to other network devices only via network cables and don’t require drivers to operate in Windows or other operating systems. However, routers that connect to a computer via a USB or FireWire typically require drivers to operate properly. Routers often act as the DHCP servers in small networks,…

  • How do I connect my modem and router to my computer?

  • Plug the router鈥檚 power cord into a nearby electrical outlet. Connect the second Ethernet cable into an open Ethernet port on your router. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into an open Ethernet port on your computer. Verify that the lights on your modem and router are lit up.

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