does intel make computers

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Intel, in full Intel Corporation, American manufacturer ofsemiconductor computer circuits. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company鈥檚 name comes from 鈥?int egrated el ectronics.鈥?/div>Intel | History, Products, Facts | Britannica

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  • Why choose Intel® computers?

  • Intel-powered computer systems and electronics provide business users, gamers, content creators, and everyday users with a wide range of powerful, reliable, and highly configurable options. Desktops Shop Intel-based desktops and embrace the digital world. Find desktop computers for home, enthusiast, and business use.

  • Why are laptops still made with Intel chips?

  • One of the biggest and maybe the only reason that laptop manufacturers and professionals are still on Intel is because of support. Most people are not tech-savvy or PC enthusiasts who know how to update bios and keep a tab on all that is going on with the manufacturer.

  • Where are Intel processors made?

  • Intel, American manufacturer of semiconductor computer circuits. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and the company dominated the global CPU market in the early 21st century. The company鈥檚 name comes from 鈥榠ntegrated electronics.鈥?/div>Intel | History, Products, Facts | Britannica

  • What kind of PC can you get with Intel processors?

  • All-in-One All-in-One PCs with Intel Core鈩?Processors. Gaming and Media Gaming PCs powered by Intel Core鈩?Processors. Mini PC Mini PCs bring full PC capability to small spaces. PCs PCs powered by Intel including mini pcs, All-in-Ones, gaming pcs, Compute Sticks and more.

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