do i have norton on my computer

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Open the Norton Control Panelby selecting the program icon on your computer’s desktop or by choosing from the All Programs sub-menu of the Start menu on your computer. There will be a white check mark on a green background with the word Secure displayed if the Norton application is online.

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  • Is Norton Security running on your computer?

  • Indeed, the Norton security program is so discreet that you may want to determine if it is actually running on your computer or if it needs to be restarted. credit: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images. Check the Windows system tray to see if the Norton logo is visible, indicating that the software is running.

  • How do I start Norton on my computer?

  • You can double-click the Norton product icon on your desktop to start the product. You can also open the Norton product from the Windows system tray, or from the Windows start menu. If you need help, read Starting your Norton product. If you cannot find the Norton product on your computer, you may need to download and install it.

  • Do I need Norton if I have Windows 10?

  • To the Norton question … No. Windows Defender (built in) and the free version of MBAM is all you need on WIndows 10. (Assuming you’re not a click-happy-eejit who doesn’t think about what they’re clicking on). To the Windows 10 question – surely you know if your PC is running W10? Press the Windows key then type in winver and press Enter.

  • How do I know if my Norton is secure?

  • Check your Norton product status To ensure that your Norton security product is protecting your computer, check for the security status of your Norton product. Open your Norton product to see if the security status shows Secure or Protected.

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