can you use windex to clean a computer screen

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  • Can you use Windex to clean appliances?

  • NOTE: If you use Windex on any surface that is used for food preparation, make sure to wash the items with soapy water and rinse before using. Windex is a great cleaner for clean and shiny enamel and stainless steel appliances. Spray and wipe off with a soft cloth for clean, shiny, streak-free appliances.

  • What happens if you put Windex on a TV screen?

  • The ammonia in Windex can wear down treatments that were applied to the glass and damage the surrounding metal, eating through the metal鈥檚 finish over time. Alcohol and ammonia, found in Windex, can damage your flat-screen TV or computer screen.

  • Can you use Windex to clean the inside of a car?

  • While you can use good old soap and water to clean the outside of your car, using Windex on the inside is more practical. Spray it on your interior windows, dashboard, cupholders and the steering wheel, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe with a clean cloth.

  • Can you use Windex to clean bathroom floors?

  • Make sure to rinse the tub when you鈥檙e done. If you have tile or vinyl floors, Windex is the best way to remove filmy built up residue and get them shiny and clean. Dilute a cup of Windex into a gallon of warm water and use your floor cleaning tool of choice. Don鈥檛 forget to rinse once the floors have been cleaned.

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