can you put your computer on carpet

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As much as there is no danger for this, the carpet isnot the ideal surface to put a computer. In Fact, modern computers are designed to have a protective case that protects the computer from static electricity. There are many disadvantages to putting your computer on the carpet. If possible, avoid the carpet.

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  • Should I put my PC on top of the carpet?

  • I have all my PCs on top of my desk for a reason. While you can put a piece of wood on the carpet to elevate the PC a little, it’s what you don’t see that is a problem: dust being kicked up by people and even pets walking on your carpet next to the PC.

  • Should I put my PC on the floor or desk?

  • This happens no matter where you place your PC. Even if you have your PC on a desktop, you鈥檒l want to dust it occasionally with some compressed air. But your PC will likely suck in more dust and debris when it鈥檚 on the floor. Dust gets in the way of cooling your PC, and it will run hotter if it needs to be cleaned out.

  • Can you put a gaming PC on the floor?

  • Despite the name, a desktop PC doesn鈥檛 have to be on a desk. That huge tower PC would fit nicely on the floor, sure. But you should think about ventilation and dust so that your gaming PC doesn鈥檛 overheat. Carpet Can Block Airflow

  • Can you put a tower PC on the floor?

  • Before placing your PC on the floor, be sure to think about airflow. Avoid placing your tower PC on thick carpet. If the carpet is a problem, consider putting it on a platform or stand on the carpet. You can buy rolling stands for precisely this purpose that also make it easier to move your desktop around.

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