can you put different brands of ram in a computer

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  • Can I use two different brands of RAM at the same time?

  • Theoretically, if the other traits (generation, speed, latency, voltage) are the same, there should be no issue using DRAM from two different brands. Though some older DDR3 systems require matched sets of memory. Another thing to keep in mind is that many memory brands do not manufacture their own DRAM; they simply assemble the modules.

  • Can you mix Ram brands on a motherboard?

  • Can You Mix RAM Brands? It is possible to mix different RAM brands; however, motherboard manufacturers suggest using RAM that matches the model type, size, frequency, latency, and manufacturer to receive the best stability and performance. Even if the specs do not match, you will still be able to utilize the RAM together.

  • Can you use different sizes of RAM in the same slot?

  • Their respective controller should also be compatible as well as compatible with the motherboard. Hence, it is best to use the same size and brand of RAM in the slots. If you do mix RAM sizes, you should use them together. For example, you can use one RAM stick that is 3GB and another that is 6 GB.

  • Should you buy different RAM modules from the same manufacturer?

  • If reliability is important to you, you should use only identical RAM modules from the same manufacturer. If, on the other hand, you value price above everything else, then grabbing that heavily discounted RAM module might just turn out to be a great decision.

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