can you put different brands of ram in a computer

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  • Can I use two different brands of RAM in my PC?

  • This often happens when your pair an older ram module with a new one. At last, there isn鈥檛 any harm in pairing ram modules from two different brands, but there aren鈥檛 any expectations of high performance as well. It鈥檚 recommended to install DIMMs from the same brands and with the same specs if you want to enhance the performance of your system.

  • Can you mix Ram brands on a motherboard?

  • Can You Mix RAM Brands? It is possible to mix different RAM brands; however, motherboard manufacturers suggest using RAM that matches the model type, size, frequency, latency, and manufacturer to receive the best stability and performance. Even if the specs do not match, you will still be able to utilize the RAM together.

  • Can you use different brand Ram sticks together?

  • Yes, you can use different brand RAM sticks together, even if they don鈥檛 have the same size. However, using mismatched RAM modules may negatively affect the performance and stability of your computer for the reasons we describe in detail in this article. How To Check RAM on Linux?

  • Can you mix and match different types of RAM?

  • The short answer would be that yes, you can mix and match different types of RAM whether they differ by frequency, voltage, or brand.

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