can you add instagram stories from computer

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  • How to upload a story to Instagram on the computer?

  • Click on your profile photo or on the camera icon To upload a story to Instagram on the computer you can do it through your profile picture, or if you have not uploaded one you will see the 鈥?鈥?symbol. You can also click on the camera icon that you have beneath the profile picture. 3. Choose your photo

  • How to post a photo on Instagram from your computer?

  • Open the extension 2. Click on your profile photo or on the camera icon 3. Choose your photo 4. Edit and post If you often use Instagram Web from your computer, you already know that you can鈥檛 upload any content, whether it is a story or a post.

  • Is it possible to post Instagram Stories on a safari computer?

  • In theory, it is possible to post an Instagram story from Safari but your computer needs to allow Portrait orientation. You should be able to change your display settings and post a story. If not, you can always use Safari to post pictures or videos.

  • Can you use Instagram on a computer?

  • There is a simple way to use the Instagram app on your computer just as if you were using your phone, and we are going to show you how. This feature can prove useful for your Instagram profiles if you work on the computer. Find out how to post Instagram stories from the computer.

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