can teachers use goguardian on personal computer

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  • Do all teachers use GoGuardian?

  • Not all teachers use GoGuardian, but for those who do, the tools they utilize are different than those of the administration. When a student logs into a teacher鈥檚 Google Classroom, they can also log into GoGuardian. Once this is done, teachers can effectively control students鈥?Chromebooks.

  • Can I use GoGuardian with my student’s Chromebook?

  • Additionally, for GoGuardian to work, a student must log on to the Chromebook using their Solon Schools account, which not all students do. From now on though, students who choose to log on using their personal accounts and have a teacher who uses GoGuardian, will face repercussions.

  • What is the GoGuardian program?

  • It searches for students that are contemplating suicide or harm themselves. The students are then offered professional help. The program allows the school and parents to put students鈥?needs first. To students, the GoGuardian is so disturbing and invasive to the students.

  • Does GoGuardian have any problems with students sharing links?

  • We’d had problems with students sharing links to their classes and causing disruptions. So GoGuardian giving teachers control over who they have in that virtual classroom environment is key.

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