can t turn computer off

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  • What to do if my PC won’t turn off?

  • Here you must be thinking about what to do if my pc won’t turn off. You can shut down your system by disabling fast startup. Step 1: Open control panel on your PC. Now look for power options, and select it. Step 2: Click on the option Choose what power buttons do. You can find the option in the left pane.

  • Is it possible to shut down a computer without turning it off?

  • The short answer to this question is Yes, but with a few things you need to know, please keep reading. Why did we need to shut a computer down? In older versions of Windows, you were required to click Start, and then select the Shut Down option before you could turn off your computer.

  • Why does my power button not turn off my computer?

  • To help protect a computer from being improperly turned off when it’s running, the power button will not turn off a computer. If the computer is frozen or has other problems, press and hold down the power button without letting go for 5 to 10 seconds.

  • How do I turn off my laptop’s screen?

  • The only to turn it off is to hold down the power button. Also if I shut my laptop lid the screen turns off but once again the fans are still running (doesn’t go into to sleep mode). If I then re-open my laptop the display doesn’t turn back on I have to hold the power button and then turn it back on.

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