can smart tv work as computer monitor

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  • Can a smart TV be used as a monitor?

  • Can Smart TV be used as monitor? You can use your TV as a monitor with the right cables and a computer. You’ll need to determine which connector types are supported by your computer, but as far as the television is concerned.

  • How can I use my TV as a computer monitor?

  • How to use your TV as a computer monitor 1 Check your connections. First, your PC and TV need to have the right ports. … 2 When you don鈥檛 have HDMI. There are two common cases where either your TV or your computer doesn鈥檛 have the right HDMI ports. … 3 Working with audio. … 4 Understand the limitations. …

  • How to make your smart TV a computing machine?

  • To make your Smart TV a more powerful computing machine, you should consider getting a PC stick. To use, you plug the PC stick into the HDMI port of your TV. The beauty of PC sticks is that they are full-fledged computers, minus the other essential hardware, such as the monitor.

  • Are Samsung Smart monitors any good?

  • The Samsung Smart Monitor range is specifically designed to work as both a TV and monitor, and can even do things such as edit Microsoft Office documents without having to connect a computer. The prices are quite punchy, mind.

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