can quantum computing break blockchain

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There’s good news on this front: quantum computing is still in its early stages,so blockchain is safe for the foreseeable future. However,quantum computing will eventually break the blockchain–if it continues to rely on public-key cryptography systems. In fact,there is already a well-known way to circumvent this system.

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  • Will quantum computing be a threat to blockchain?

  • It will be a threat to Blockchain as quantum computing will impact one of the key features of Blockchain like unchangeable data, unalterable and security, thus making Blockchain as highly vulnerable technology.

  • Is the quantum computer a threat to cybersecurity?

  • On the other hand, the very power of the quantum computer represents a threat to existing cybersecurity infrastructure. In particular, the quantum computer will destroy some of the cryptographic principles behind the blockchain.

  • Will quantum computing disrupt cryptocurrency encryption?

  • They estimate that large enough quantum computers to disrupt classical encryption will potentially arrive in the next twenty years. For cryptocurrencies, a fork in the future that might affect large parts of the chain, but it will be somewhat predictable 鈥?there is a lot of thought being placed on post-quantum encryption technology.

  • What is the future of the quantum computer?

  • Quantum computers will provide a tremendous increase in computing power. They will be able to crack problems, deemed unsolvable with classical computers. Quantum networks will improve the security of transactions. And our imagination is still lacking to discover applications for the future quantum Internet.

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