can old computers connect to wifi

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If old PC has an open PCI slotyou can mount a wifi PCI card. You will then need to connect to some wifi connection and get on the WWW if that was the plan. If your other old PC has that stick available and the s/w plus drivers to mount it in your new old PC,then do that.

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  • How do I add Wi-Fi to an old laptop?

  • If you have an older laptop with no WiFi capabilities you’ll need to buy a wireless network card or a USB network adapter (this works for both laptops and desktops). The easiest way to add Wi-Fi capabilities to a desktop computer would be through the use of a USB wireless adapter dongle. These are usually cheap ($10-20USD) and work quite well.

  • Can a desktop computer connect to Wi-Fi?

  • While a desktop computer can connect to Wi-Fi, if it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi card installed, you’ll need to add Wi-Fi support to the PC. Here’s everything you need to know about connecting a PC to Wi-Fi and how to make a desktop computer wireless if it isn’t already. Can a desktop computer connect to Wi-Fi? Yes it can—with the right hardware.

  • Why can鈥檛 my laptop connect to Wi-Fi at home?

  • Sometimes, restarting your laptop鈥檚 network driver (the hardware that lets a device communicate to other devices and can be called the network adapter) can get it connected to Wi-Fi again. Use this guide to potential internet network problems to figure out why you can鈥檛 connect to Wi-Fi at home and how you can fix it on your own.

  • Do I need Ethernet to connect to a wireless network?

  • Ethernet is a wired connection, so if you want to connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network, you don’t need Ethernet at all. The best way to connect to your Wi-Fi network is by using a Wi-Fi adapter. Some desktop PCs and most laptops have them built-in, but there are add-in ones you can buy.

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