can a bluetooth mouse be paired with two computers

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  • Can I connect my mouse to both my PC and Mac?

  • I have my mouse paired to both my PC and my Mac. It can only connect to one machine at a time. If you want to change the computer that the mouse is connected to, you either have to shut off bluetooth on one of the computers, or shut the computer down. Afterwards, the mouse will find the other computer and connect to it.

  • Is it possible to pair multiple devices to a single mouse?

  • It really depends on whether or not the device supports multi-pairing. Usually with devices such as Bluetooth mice, this is an advertised feature. For example, Logitech has a trademarked feature called Easy-Switch on some of their devices that performs the function in question here.

  • How do I connect multiple Bluetooth keyboards to one mouse?

  • My solution is to own 1 Bluetooth mouse per machine, so I own 4 of the MS Sculpt Comfort mice. I have a Bluetooth keyboard that specifies that it can be paired with 6 devices at the same time. Once paired, you press FN and the number 1-6 to switch to the desired device.

  • Can I use my keyboard and mouse on two different computers?

  • As long as both computers are on the same network you may want to consider a software solution like teleport for the keyboard and mouse. You’ll still need some kind of switch for the display. Show activity on this post. I just purchased a Logitech K811 Bluetooth keyboard which has the ability to switch between devices.

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