a dive computer keeps track of a divers nitrogen

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  • How does a dive computer work?

  • A dive computer keeps track of a diver’s nitrogen absorption levels so that the diver can: -Avoid an Arterial gas Embolism -Stay within the no decompression limits on each dive

  • What happens to nitrogen when you dive deep?

  • The deeper you dive, the faster nitrogen dissolves into your body so it鈥檚 important to keep this dissolved nitrogen within accepted limits to minimize the risk of decompression sickness when you asend.

  • What type of computer should I buy for diving?

  • Most computers are water resistant to 100 meters. Here at Dive Warehouse we carry Mares and Oceanic, Sunnto, Cressi computers at all price points and our staff are all divers so can help you choose the computer that suits you, your diving and your budget. AUD. INC GST AUD.

  • Why dive deeper with a PDC?

  • We all know that diving deeper means more nitrogen loading, so that means less NDL or available bottom time before a mandatory deco stop. Using this to your advantage is easy as many PDC鈥檚 have audible and visual alarms built in which make it easier to track.

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